Queen Bed Frame

Cheap Adjustables Prodigy Adjustable Bed, Split, Queen

Adjustables Prodigy Adjustable Bed, Split, Queen

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     With it’s breakthrough technology and abundance of features, Prodigy is quite simply the ultimate power foundation on the market

– Whisper quiet motor
– Back-lit, wireless, 2-way remote with integrated clock
– Wallhugger engineering
– Available Accessory: App controls for iPhone or iPod touch
– Dual, full body massage with wave


Customer Reviews

A Perfect Option for my bed
I actually ended up buying this frame with my bed from the local store; however, I was going to order here at Amazon (Amazon didn’t have the mattresses I wanted and the local guy beat the price). I wanted to write this review simply because the frame has been a great purchase, no matter where you buy it. The price at Amazon is very good, too. Here’s a few items worth mentioning about the bed. In all, these items add up to the value of the extra money you’ll pay for this frame.

     My wife and I both have bad backs, mine from arthritis and her’s from a failed back surgery. She spends a lot of time in bed because of her new disability (thanks Doc for your incompetence!). So finding a decent combination of mattress and adjustable frame was a must for us. We had looked at the Leggett & Platt frames at several stores, and new that the S-cape series had many features we wanted. This included adjustability of both leg and foot position along with the massage. To be honest, I hadn’t planned to buy the massage originally, but now I’m glad we did.

     The L&P frame provided a little higher lifting level for the feet, something that was very important to my wife. Other frames, such as the Ergo and the frame for the Serta iComfort bed, didn’t lift the legs as high.

     The massage feature seemed to be an extra I would not use much. That’s where this Prodigy series begins to shine. I actually have used the massage more than I ever thought I would, but surprisingly it has been in the mornings. The ability of this frame to set the massage as an alarm is actually a big advantage, especially if you suffer from back pain or have tightness in the mornings. Most mornings I woke up very achy, and I knew that was in part because of the bed I was using. So buying a new mattress helped, but now getting up is assisted even more when there’s a gentle massage along with the alarm. I set the massage to start a few minutes before I actually want to get up, and it slowly increases intensity over time. My guess is the massage starts the blood flowing a little earlier, and it helps to ease the tension generally caused by my joints being inactive over night. It is pretty amazing, though I won’t say it is the answer to all my prayers as an arthritis sufferer. If you have arthritis then don’t kid yourself, no bed is going to make all the pain go away. But every little bit can help.

     Let me get onto a couple other features that make this adjustable frame a standout in the industry. My wife loses her remote controls all the time. It is amazing how a person can be in bed and lose the remote. If you sleep with someone who has to call their cell phone to find it then the remote locate feature on this bed is worth a little extra money. Maybe someday I’ll even lose the remote, and if so then this thing will be worth even more. 😉

     The snore feature is pretty decent. It allows you to adjust your partner’s side of the bed when they are snoring. My wife and I joked that we would have a snore-war after we got this bed, figuring we’d be busy using it on each other all night. The reality is that I’ve only used it a few times, and usually only when I’m watching TV after my wife has gone to sleep. It moves the bed just enough to get the person to shift, without actually waking them, and that is enough to stop (or at least soften) the snoring. She has reportedly used it on me a couple times as well, though I don’t recall being roused that much while I am asleep. So I’d say this feature is a plus, so long as you don’t abuse it.

     The programmable positions are also a great feature. We each control our own settings, which means that we each get a programmed position that fits us individually. There are four positions that you can set. I use setting 1 for the primary sleep position, setting w when working on the computer, 3 for TV, and 4for just relaxing or taking a quick nap. These positions allow me to quickly position the bed, and if they are not perfect for that moment then it also allows me to adjust from the position without having to do it all manually. In most instances, I use settings 2, 3 or 4 for typical nights, but sometimes I have to make just a little slight adjustment from time to time. The quick select program position allows me to get to the most used position and then go from there as my need changes. Frankly, I’m not sure you’d need more than 4 preset positions, but I guess someone might. The great thing is that I get to decide what my preset positions will be, not someone at the factory.

     The Sleep Timer is also pretty cool. My wife likes to fall asleep watching TV, so this feature is a great addition. She can set it for 30 or 60 minutes, and then when the timer goes off the bed moves to the primary position (usually the sleep position for most folks). I’ve also used this feature a couple times, and I can see how someone might get into a position where they’d use it all the time. I know the couple times I have used it I didn’t really notice that I’d fallen asleep until the bed started moving. I had set my TV timer as well, so when the bed did move the TV was already off. It was actually as easy to do it this way than it was to turn the TV off, adjust everything, and then try to go to sleep. By being in the adjusted position I was already pretty comfortable, and that probably helps you to fall asleep faster anyway.

     Back to the massage feature for a moment. If you’re like me, you probably remember the “Magic Fingers” massage beds in some hotels during the 60s and 70s. As a kid I thought those gizmos were great, but later in life I began to associate them with “cheap motels” rather than a quality sleeping experience.
     I also figured the massage system could be duplicated by sticking a cheap vibrator (the therapy kind, not the other) under the mattress. The problem with this thinking is that it is both more dangerous and a lot less convenient. Simply put, you’d have to shove at least 3 vibration sources under the mattress to even start to get close to what these systems do. And then you would not get the sleep timer or the alarm system.
     The massage itself is actually fairly good. You can set head and foot separately, which makes the overall system pretty nice for someone that has different needs at top and toe. I also like that the “wave” function moves the vibration up and down, according to how you set it.
     Let’s wrap this up with some fiscal analysis. If you’re in need of an adjustable frame, or you just want one, then the L&P models seems to be good choices. Once you make that plunge then you’re in for at least $700 for a decent system from a reputable manufacturer. I won’t even address the less expensive versions that are out there, let’s just say that when it comes to your sleep comfort you do pretty much get what you pay for. With that said, the issue is really one of whether you chose to afford this setup. The difference in price between the S-cape and Prodigy was less than $200, and in the long run it was well worth it. The warranty is long enough to make you feel good about buying this product (and L&P has been around long enough you know they are probably going to be there if/when something goes wrong). So I figured that over the conservative estimate of the life of this system (probably 10 to 12 years) I would be spending less than $20/year … or about $.05 a night for this kind of system. Well worth the investment, to me at least.




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