Queen Bed Frame

Low Price Hillsdale Furniture 164HFQ Winsloh Headboard

Hillsdale Furniture 164HFQ Winsloh Headboard, Full/Queen, Black

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The winsloh headboard comes in exemplary configuration that has gotten to be on the of the business’ blockbusters. a cabin or bungalow subject weds round medium oak complete hardwood post with a textured dark metal board. headboard is an advantageous approach to change the look of your room. accessible in dark shading and full/ruler size. measures 50-inch tallness by 61-1/2-inch width by 3-inch profundity.

– Winsloh headboard comes in classic design that has become on the of the industry’s best sellers
– A lodge or cottage theme marries round medium oak finish hardwood post with a textured black metal panel
– Headboard is a convenient way to change the look of your bedroom
– Available in black color and full/queen size
– Measures 50-inch height by 61-1/2-inch width by 3-inch depth



Customer Reviews

winsloh headboard review
Nice sturdy wood posts with matted black metal scroll design headboard. Can adjust for full or queen sized bed. It assemblies easily. I am very satisfied with my purchase.

The Headboard made the Bed
The Winsloh Headboard arrived quickly and in excellent condition. It was very easy to assemble, taking less than an hour. I did it myself. The headboard looks amazing and matches the bedroom furniture in place. I love the mix of the wood and the “wrought iron” look. For the price, amazingly low, this headboard looks much more expensive. It is really beautiful.

Open design head board …
Bought this headboard to match the side table (also open design). Looks nice, but not as extra ordinary as shown in the picture.

Also assembly is not easy. 2 reasons for the same:
First, the main metal part and the 2 posts come separately. The wooden posts have 3 pre-made holes into which the 3 bars from the metallic head board are supposed to match up. Due to manufacturing variations, they do not match up well and needs to be forced into place. This in itself is not bad. What is bad is that when trying to align and force the metal bars (you see one on the top where the center metal part attaches to the post) the post is round and the bars keep slipping. As they slip they scratch the wooden posts. Additionally the posts are not real wood in the sense that it is made not from real oak wood as claimed but is just a finish on the particle board type of stuff. So just a small scratch reveals white underneath and is not attractive.
Second, this headboard is supposed to accommodate both full size and queen size bed frames. However, the attaching plate on the headboard sits at much higher level than the holes on the frame. I needed this badly so I used it anyway. I had to re-position the plate on the headboard to bring it down. Even so only one attachment lines up between the 2. I have had to ass several washers to give strength so that it stays together temporarily at least.
This means I have to buy a new bed frame, most probably from same seller so the head board and the frame matches. Unexpected expense. Learnt my lesson.

A nice touch to the bedroom
I realy like my new headboard. It is traditional, but has a nice modern feel to it. I loved the combination of the wood and metal. Good quality, doesn’t feel cheap. Shipping was really fast. I was not expecting it so soon. Putting it together was easy. Now all I need is a matching nightstand and my room will be complete.


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