Queen Bed Frame

Buy Sleep Master SmartBase Mattress Foundation/Platform Bed Frame/Box Spring Replacement/Quiet Noise-Free/Maximum Under-bed Storage, Queen

Sleep Master SmartBase Mattress Foundation, Queen

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      The Next Generation Bed Frame – The SmartBase Mattress Foundation by Zinus. The SmartBase disposes of the requirement for a container spring as your adjustable foam, spring or latex sleeping cushion ought to be set specifically on the SmartBase. Remarkably intended for ideal backing and solidness the solid steel sleeping cushion support has different purposes of contact with the floor for security and counteracts bedding listing, expanding sleeping cushion life. The SmartBase bed casing is 14 crawls high with 12.5 inches of freedom under the edge for significant under-bed storage room. With plastic tops to secure your floors and an inventive collapsing outline to take into consideration simple stockpiling, the SmartBase is all around intended for convenience. 5-year constrained guarantee. Another solace development from Zinus. Spearheading solace.

– The SmartBase eliminates the need for a traditional box spring and bed frame
– 14 inches high with 12.5 inches of clearance under the frame for valuable under bed storage space
– Low-Stress, Easy Assembly in minutes with no tools required
– Folding design allows for easy storage and movement through tight staircases and doorways
– Ideal mattress support in place of wood slats inside some IKEA style bed frames (Zinus products are not endorsed by IKEA)




Metal bed frame is big person approved!
Other than the fact that Fedex completely was slow at delivering this product, it arrived undamaged with everything intact. I know there’s people out there who are big. Want to know if this little 100 buck frame is going to hold all that love without bending or breaking under stress. I can assure you as I am laying on my mattress supported by this frame that it is holding sturdy, with no creaks, shakes, or any weird noises that would come from too much weight. It does what it is intended to do and it is SERIOUSLY EASY to assemble. So I will walk you through it.

     First off, you flip out the first part of the section (theres two identical sections) flat on the floor and open the legs at each end. There are two support beams that open out with little hooks at the ends. You will see the two little wingnuts that obiviously have to be adjusted to slide the hooks under the nuts then tighten the wingnuts down nice and snug. Do this for the next three legs of the section.

     Second, once you achieve this, make sure that you have enough tightness by testing the beams by jiggling them to check for any movement. If theres none, then you’re good. If there is, flip back over and retighten. Recheck and move to the next piece.

     Third and Last, once you have the second section the same way, bring them right next to each other and attach them using the two long screws in the little bag provided in the box. The black rubber part is to be placed between the two frames (unscrew the wingnuts on the ends of these screws and run the plain long screw through the end of the first section, place black piece on the end of the screw before going through the other side and slide over). Grip the frame tight together and use the last little wingnut to screw snugly at the end. Do this for the other end and you got it.


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