Queen Bed Frame

Low Price DHP Rose Linen Tufted Upholstered Platform, Queen, Gray

DHP Rose Linen Tufted Upholstered Platform, Queen, Gray


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     Material Tufted upholstered stage, complete bed set makes the ideal centerpiece for your room! the position of safety headboard and footboard, outlined with square tufted itemizing give the piece a cutting edge look and feel. Its wonderful material upholstery and thick padded cushioning will make your room resemble a sumptuous and agreeable shelter to rest in. The bed’s perfect square profile is worked with various wooden braces for backing and sturdiness and does not require a crate spring. Accessible in twin, full or ruler measure, the bed is accessible in different hues to better suit your requirements.

– Tufted linen upholstered, contemporary, queen size platform bed
– Button details and linen tufted, padded upholstery bedframe
– Metal side rails for guaranteed stability and durability
– 24 wooden slats and center metal rail and leg for added support
– No need for “big box” shopping! great furniture, delivered to your door! amazon prime available


Customer Reviews

Solid low cost bedframe/headboard.
This arrived yesterday, and I spent the better part of two hours putting it together.

    I bought it because it fit into my price range($200 at the time of purchase with shipping) not expecting much, but its actually quite sturdy, everything felt weighty and solid. All the tools required were in the box, and I was able to complete the build solo without the assistance of anyone else.

    The legs seem weird, After you screw them on via a nut and bolt which you need to hold in place, they sort of dangle and freely spin before you put the bed back down. I was concerned that the wooden slats would be too flimsy but they seem perfectly fine, and not permanently attached which should make for an easy disassemble.

    The headboard and sides/front are not heavily padded, They are more of a textured pattern lineny feel, which is perfectly fine, and should make for excellent support while reading in bed.

Great buy
I had pretty low expectations based on the price. Was very pleasantly surprised. It was simple to put together and has held up well. It’s fairly sturdy – obviously not solid wood or anything but I’m not afraid it’s going to fall apart. It does slide around on the hardwood quite a bit so I am going to put some rug matting under the part that is on wood. I wish the headboard was slightly taller, just because with an 11″ mattress and pillows you can’t see the headboard anymore. But other then that it’s perfect. Would definitely recommend. We ordered the queen size for reference.

Thrilled! Great price and good quality!
For the price, it’s definitely worth it. The headboard is a bit short up against the mattress, so I wouldn’t recommend using a box spring as well. And I’ve slept on it for the past couple of weeks and there’s no creaking or anything. It’s a great linen-fabric material, in a rich ivory. Very nice!


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