Queen Bed Frame

Cheap DHP Modern Metal Framed Industrial Canopy Bed Frame, Queen, Gray


A classic design reinvented, simplicity and style combined are the hallmarks of the DHP modern canopy metal bed. Its sleek square lines finished in a rich, gun metal gray has a timeless look perfect for any setting. Featuring 22 metal slats to provide support and comfort, this bed does not require a box spring or additional foundation. Pair the canopy bed with curtains for a romantic, personal touch. Whatever your style, the DHP modern canopy metal bed is magical in every way.

– Gray metal framed, industrial canopy bedframe-fantastic design
– Square lines for a timeless look
– Sleek, modern and industrial designed silhouette
– Sturdy metal frame construction
– Metal side rails for guaranteed stability and durability


I bought this frame because I was never allowed to have a race-car bed when I was a kid, and now that I’m old, I want to build a fort. I plan to drape it in completely with curtains, and suspend a TV from the top of the foot of the bed using chain that would hang a porch swing. The back of the headboard is a perfect place to clip a reading lamp as well. I noticed that user “ironysidea” has a chip on their shoulder about this product but provides no constructive feedback about why it’s poor.

This took about 2 hours to put together, working by myself steadily but not hard. If you have a drill with hexagon attachments, you will save a lot of time; most of my assembly time was in tightening screws. The engineering for assembly is good. Each different screw length is also a different width, so you can never use the wrong screw. The Amazon photos don’t show the 8 triangular braces at the 4 corners. The clips at the end I planned to clip and then slide to the middle of the slats; this didn’t work — follow instructions. A straightforward, if time-consuming build.

The grey color is not almost black like the pictures, but still very dark. There are no runs in the paint or scratches. The slats around the top are 2″ x 1″, so 6″ total around. Dividing by Pi gives us 1.9″, which tells us that any curtain that can take a 2″ diameter rod will fit around the slats.I put a heavy 12″ memory foam mattress on the frame and it feels exceptionally sturdy. The 12″ mattress goes flush with the first rung of the headboard.

I’ve only just put this frame together but feel it will last a lifetime. I’m moving in a month and will have to disassemble and transport it. Much of it will be able to stay intact though. I’ll update the review when I see how it travels, and how long it lasts…



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