Queen Bed Frame

Sauder Soft Modern Platform Bed, Queen, Pale Oak


     The Sauder Soft Modern Queen Platform Bed in Pale Oak Finish will provide an updated, clean look to any bedroom in your home. The modern look of this unit will transform your space. This platform bed is very sturdy and will fit queen mattress.


     Great looking bed. Very difficult to put together. Holes dont match. Had to drill some. Not all bolts and nuts included..had to purchase some. Need 2 people to put this together. Bed is made of all pressed chip wood. Except for the long beams. Price was okay..once i saw the wood quality. Not for some one who moves alot. Once set up it is heavy. My son likes it. Which is what mattered. Took a couple of hours of solid work to put it together. The head board isnt sturdy.

I’d recommend this bed frame with some caveats
  – it is 300lb / 150kg bed frame. ie heavy. assembly requires 2 person min (at least when you are moving/flipping bed frame)
  – you may need some after refining touches to panels. mine had uneven lengths ; i had to sand it down around .5cm~1cm (~1/4inch)
  – i found dowels are a bit week when you don’t have perfect fitting driver you can damage it’s header a bit esp. if you try to really tighten it
  – corners are not rounded so it you bump into it, it will HURT
  – platform for mattress is not finished surface.. so I’ve put a thick paper cover on it and some padding around inner edges (to make it rouder and smoother). if you don’t do this, you may find your fingers getting quite a bit of scratches and cuts whenever you make your bed or change sheets
  – don’t leave it on it’s side too long. you will see that bottom leg(shorter ones) can’t handle load(it’s weight) for long. ie noticeable bending(it appears elastic but knowing that this is fiberboard.. any elastic deformation over a non-short/temporary period becomes inelastic/permanent deformation)
  – imo, fixing of header board to main bed frame is weak.

now the good things
   it is really solid bed frame( if you shake it with your hand, depending on your assembly and parts fittings, it may shake a bit).
   header board panel bends slightly when you lean on it and I like it quite a bit. with some large (soft) pillow behind, it’s quite comfy. and angled nicely



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